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An important message from our Health & Wellness Committee

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Health and safety is important in our club. We don't want to be kill joys but we all know what can happen if someone is hit in the head with a sliothar or football indeed and hopefully the following will go some way in reducing the risk of minor or serious injury. Nobody wants to contemplate the other scenario.


The key points from the link above are as follows:

- The correct equipment must be worn during games and training sessions

- This includes any warm up activities for training or matches involving contact of any kind or where the ball is in use in any code (the only exceptions should be stretching/ s&c work and exercise of that nature)

- Includes training at the ball wall where the ball is in use in any code

- Applies to all age groups in hurling, football and camogie

- Vital that players and parents/ guardians take responsibility for ensuring equipment is fit for purpose and not modified in any way

- senior squads and older age groups in particular are role models for younger players and should set an example

- while the primary responsibility is with the player, coaches/mentors should not allow anyone to train/ warm up without the right equipment where they can see the player is not complying. While this is relatively easy to do with regard to helmets, it’s more difficult for coaches/mentors to monitor the use of mouth guards in football so again it’s important to highlight the primary responsibility is with players and parents/ guardians

- The club’s primary concern is that everyone participates safely and the starting point for that is to observe the rules around safety equipment. It’s also an insurance issue where incidents occur and safety equipment is not worn. Message is simple. NO HELMET NO HURLING.

- Please also be aware if both sides of the ball wall are being used simultaneously do not kick or puck footballs or sliothors back over the wall. By all means walk back with them or pass them out the entrance gate for collection.

These guidelines are designed for EVERYONES safety in mind and they will make for an even more enjoyable experience in our clubs top class facilities. Many thanks in advance for your co operation. ( Health & Wellness Committee.)

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